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IMC INTERNATIONAL M COMMERCIALIZATION export and commercialize livestock from Latin America and Spain.

We trade you Livestock

South America is one of the most important producers of livestock. There is a great variety of breeds in the continent, and IMC INTERNATIONAL M COMMERCIALIZATION FZ LLE have the connections, commercial allies, and infrastructure to export them to any country, we have an excellent logistic in the different ports.

our livestock breeds



The Brahman cattle, are known for their heat tolerance, distinctive hump making them a valued breed worldwide.



Angus cattle, originating from Scotland, are black or red, polled, renowned for beef quality.



Are white, humped, and have loose skin, thriving in tropical climates due to their heat resistance.



Golden-red in color, known for its muscle, hardiness, and high-quality lean meat production.

The energy of 10 years of experience.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of global trade, IMC International M Commercialization stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality in the transporting industry.


Years of services

Commitment to quality is matched by a logistical prowess.


Clients Served

Is not just its access to a variety of breeds but also its robust network of commercial allies.

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